Polishing: It is the most used finishing for Marbles, Granites and Onyx, because it allows obtaining materials with their real colours and beauty.

: It is similar to the polishing but it maintains the finishing more uniform in the time because the joints between tiles and eventual scratches or small natural imperfections of the Marble or Natural Stones are less visible than on the polished surfaces. That finishing is suggested for internal, as floors and stairs, external coverings of whichever type.

Antiqued: It is a very beautiful finishing for floors, stairs and any kind of coverings, because it confers an antique look to the surfaces; it is suggested for stones and some kind of marbles.

Sand-blasting: This finishing is suggested for anti slip areas as swimming pools or for external coverings of buildings, to confer a look much more similar to the raw stone.

Hammering: Is a finishing similar to the sand blasting, but executed with bigger grain; that finishing is suggested for anti slip areas as ones for swimming pools, or to confer a rawer look to the finishing.